Mustafa İpekcioglu was the first child of a family that has a musical tradition.By the means of the, father Mehmet İpekcioglu's discover of his sons talent at just 5 years old Mustafa İpekcioglu musical life had started.

In 1998, Mustafa İpekcioglu entered Istanbul technical university state conservatory instrument education department and got the chance to work with experienced artists.

He performed in the programme presentated by Ali Ozutemiz and Yusuf Hayaloglu in 2004. During university years he started to play in the orchestras of famous names such as muazzez resources,İbrahim Tatlises, Orhan Gencebay, Zara, Sibel Can. As a solist of stringed instruments (Buzuki, ud, cümbüş) he joined the Culture Bridges (Kültür Köprüleri) Project leaded by Orhan Salliel who was Ozcan Deniz's solist. He took part in the project of Aykut Gurel of which soloist was Selami Sahin, "The Baba Bandu (Baba Bando ) Project". Then he introduced his musical performance to the world via the group "Ensable" with Husnu Senlendirici. His composition "Funkistan" was presented to the admiration of listeners in 2008. He performed in programmes such as "Golden Pigeon Star Academy" (Altın Güvercin Star Academi) directed by Tarik Sezer, "Rap Star" by Suat Saka and "Veliaht" by Metin Ozulku. Together with Ömer Faruk Tekbilek he gave a concert in the scope of the project named "Unique Cultures" (Kültürler Bir) with the hands of the New Zealand and Australian musicians.

He started to play in the contests "The Voice of Turkey " (O Ses Türkiye) and "The Voice Junior" (O Ses Çocuklar) on Show TV in 2011. Later he continued to play in "Rising Star" where we saw Tarik Sezer as the chief.

In 2015 he became TRT baglama artist passing the exam and gave his first concert with TRT on 10th of November in 2015.Through the end of 2015 his preparations about a single project,then a collective album with Hakan Yelbiz started. He performed in piece "Zahid Bizi Tan Eyleme" song by Gokhan ozoguz and Hakan ozoguz in the voice of turkey on tv and he vocalized the piece with Gokhan ozoğuz "su benim divane gönlüm " arranged by himself.

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